Handicapped Encounter Christ

St. Louis

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In a busy life, it is important to come away from time to time and allow ourselves to be in the presence of God. Even Jesus took time from His ministry to go aside from the regular routine and be with His Father. We believe that to spend time with God recreates us and transforms our lives to be more in tune with His will.

HEC is a wonderful community of friends who come together for worship, prayer, laughter and fun! We believe that what happens when we come together in His name has Christ in the midst of it.

HEC is a particular type of retreat; it is an encounter. Encounter means to touch Jesus and allow ourselves to be touched by Him. We put away our worldly cares and concerns and trust that God will take care of them while we are away. We center on God and see Him in a particular way, encountering Him in one another. 

HEC becomes, for those who commit themselves, a lifestyle that reaches far beyond the weekend itself. The basic idea of HEC is the positive recognition of the worth and contribution of each life.